New Car Sales Manager

New Car Sales Manager
Conducted one on ones daily.
Called back unsold traffic daily.
All sales team members factory certified.
All sales team member have met product knokledge proficiency.
Customer Satisfaction Scores for areas of responsibilities (sales) meet factory standards.
All three day follow up to sold customers complete.
Conducted two training sessions with sales team per week.
Sixty deals closed performance requirement met.
Conducted Walkaround presentation training sessions - 2 per month to meet minimum performance standard.
Reviewed Phone ups call tracking daily.
Conducted two phone training sessions.
Provided motivational material once a week to sales staff.
Maintained appropriate levels of inventory (90 day supply per model).
Mechandised aged inventory in showroom and in high traffic areas.
Developed sales contests and/or incentives to keep sales staff engaged throughout the month.
Reviewed Internet response time.
Reviewed Internet lost sales.
Reviewed Internet Merchandising.
Assited sales staff prospecting in market customers.
Created sales call lists for customers in equity (3 to 4 year old customers).
Created call back lists for customer with ending lease contracts.
Created call back lists for trade in buy back offers (customers who have vehicles in pre owned inventory shortage).
Secured google reviews (30 percent of vehicles sold to meet minimum performance required).
Secured facebook likes (10 - 15 percent minimum performance required).
Ensured sales staff compliance with in house technology requirements for sales staff - fb - linkedin - smart phone - e mail/cell phone crm integration.
Distributed good press articles about company or product to sales staff.
Praised individuals in public for their performance.
Documented any all issues regarding performance, attendance, etc. concerning members of his/her team.
Were all advertising and promotions shared with sales staff, receptionists, office staff and service personnel?.
Priced vehicles in the Internet.
Ensured special offers were posted and updated on the company's website.
Updated personnel on website.
Zero turnover on sales team.
Save a deal conducted daily.
Early Introduction to customers occurred at least 75 percent of the time.

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