Promotional Events

Promotional Events
Event materials ready.
Sales tags.
Appraissal form ready - designed for event .
Showroom decor ready.
Registration table.
Tables for showroom.
Crowd control.
Tents to host valet parking team.
Service tags for valet parking.
Cones to indicate parking area for customers not using valet parking.
Barricades to route trafic.
Designated parking area for vehices being valet.
Traffic flow mapped out.
Vests for valet parking staff.
Additional Staff.
Valet Parking.
Sales Staff.
Communication prior to sale ( IMMS TM ).
Letter from general manager to all staff ( service - parts - admin - body shop ).
Letter from general manager to all service customer.
Letter from general manager to all vendors.
Letter from general manager to Outside Sales Consultants.
Sales tools.
Deal jackets rady with all sales worksheets - appraisals etc.
Book out sheets for all vehicles.
Kbb retail valuations for all vehicles.
Carfax reports for all pre owned vehicles.
Event promoted in high traffic areas.
All entry doors.
All waiting areas.
All restrooms.
Sales tags mirror message.
E commerce support.
Website banners support event.
E mail blast sent to to customers wednesday.
E mail from general manager to Outside Sales Consultants.
E mail from general manager to vendors.
Social media supports event.
Digital Banners support event ( targeting and retargeting ).
Banners in 3rd party vendor support event.
Training has been conducted to educate sales staff to promote event.
Sales Scripts givent to sales staff for outbound calls supporting event.
Receptionists greeting supports event.
Are there incentives for referrals for dealership staff?.
Are there incentives for referrals for vendors?.
Are ther incentves for referrals for customers?.
In store pep rally prior to event with all staff to support sale.
Daily sales caffeine meetings to inform staff of sales progress.
Thank you letter from general manager to staff to share results.
Communication to customers via web to share results.
Social media support to share results.
In store pep rally after event to highlight success and to set up next event.

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