Sales Manager – Pre-Owned

Sales Manager - Pre-Owned
Trade Acquisition - 60% of all appraisals.
Zero vehicles over 90 days.
Used vehicles average days in inventory - 22 days.
Vehicles from acquisition to merchandising 4 days average.
Where all carfax/autochecks conducted on every trade in/purchase.
Inventory mixed aligned with rate of sale.
Wholesale gain for the month.
Met factory requirements for sale of certified vehicles.
All vehicles priced weekly on the Internet to keep up with market changes .
All specials updated in the Internet.
90% percent of vehicles have photos on the Internet.
90% of vehicles have comments on the Internet.
All sales staff met in dealership technology requirements.
All vehicles disposed at auction.
Policy expenses did not exceed 1% of gross.
Zero lot damage for the month.
Driver licenses checked before customers go on test drives.
All loaner agreements signed.
All test drives accompanied by a salesperson.
Conducted training sessions with sales staff ( two per week ).
Reviewed unsold leads daily.
Reviewed phone ups daily.
Conducted phone up training.
All aged inventory properly displayed and merchandised.
Established contest/sales promotion to dispose of aged inventory.
Followed pricing guidelines to promote fast turn.
Achieved department's units performance goal.
Achieved department's gross goal.
Achieved 10 cars per sales person average
Are there any titles missing.
Has a physical inventory been conducted.
All state guidelines for advertising were followed?.
All sold deals worksheets were saved in customer's files
Truth and lending disclosures were followed when quoting payments to customers?
All safety inspections were conducted prior to offering vehicles for sale?.
All disclosures have pricing clearly marked?.
All vehicles offered for sales have titles in store?.
All carfax/autochecks were reviewed and a copy signed by customer was kept in all files.
If a customer requested to speak to a previous customer, was the request followed up by dealership personnel?.
60 deals closed for the month.
Monitored Internet respond time on used car leads.
Inventory was rotated once weekly on the lot.
Aged inventory was driven to detect possible issues.
Save a deal conducted daily.
Early introduction to customers occurred at least 75 percent of the time.
3 areas of improvement for department for the following month?.
3 areas for personal improvement for following month?.

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