Internet Sales Manager

Internet Sales Manager
Response time 6 minutes or less.
Total leads for the month?
20% percent closing ratio on new leads
Unique visitors traffic up in comparison to last month
Unique visitors traffic up in comparison to same month from last year.
Visit time to website 6 minutes or more.
Percentage of Interenet department sales from overall store business at 20% or higher.
Lost sales (specify amount).
All pages up to date ( staff, ads, etc. ).
All specials up to date.
90% of vehicles have pictures.
90% of vehicels have comments.
Do all comments include geotargeting?.
90% of vehicles have prices.
Fb likes goal for the month attained.
Number of reviews ( goal for the month ) achieved.
Any and all negative reviews answered.
All team members on fb.
All team members on linked in.
All team members on twitter.
All team members on google plus.
All hot prospects recieved a video virtual walkaround.
3 e-mail campaings sent out for the month.
E-mail campagins have direct link to landing page for specific vehicles promoted.
Srp/vdp ratio at 3% percent for Autotrader.
Srp/vdp ratio at 3% percent for
Digital banners click through at 1.75% or higher.
PPC campaings at 33% percent for sales.
Monthly lead report source completed.
ROI report completed.
Website Performance Analysis ( SEO ) conducted and reviewed.
Corrective action required to achieve higher rankings.
Was a sales record met or set?.
All training requirements met.
All competitors mistery shopped.
Internal Audit for sales team ( mistery shopped ).
Recognition for team performance.
Which activities were conducted to promote teamwork?.
Which activities were conducted to promote a high level of morale?.
60 leads per team member.
All team members at 10 vehicles delivered.
Team communication and planning meeting for upcoming month conducted.
Are all goals written down upcoming month?.
Is team staffed properly to ahieve departmental goals?.
Which improvement initiatives will be implememented in the upcoming month?.
Which tools are needed to deliver maximum performance?.
List 3 areas for personal improvement.

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